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Together we can reduce the opportunity of crime


There are Neighbourhood Watch Groups across the whole of Essex.

We work together as the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association to reduce the opportunity of crime.

Remember: The Police "doitonline" service now available is available to save you and the police time when reporting non-urgent crime and search commonly asking questions addressed to the police.


A list of the best contacts to use for reporting scams and frauds (September 2015) is here. A summary of the latest prevalent scams and frauds is here.

Some sections of text to help in preparing crime reduction leaflets are here

Agendas, minutes and reports are now in the "Filing Cabinet" accessed straight from the main menu bar..


Site last updated on Tuesday 6th December 2016

 2016 Annual General Meeting

clive and pcc

At our 2016 Annual General Meeting, held at the Millennium Centre, Great Baddow on July 27th Clive Stewart was unanimously voted to continue as our chairman.

He was congratulated and thanked by Roger Hirst, the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner


 Clive Stewart, our Chairman writes:-

My first year as Chairman has been a challenging time and an enjoyable experience.

So what have I achieved in the past year?

The meetings are much more pro-active, they are more about what each District Co-ordinator has actioned since the previous meetings. I have kept my Chairman’s report brief as a summary and updated was read out like today. I feel that it is the District Co-ordinator’s meeting and it is their opportunity to keep us updated on what they have achieved and any new ideas too.

Guest speakers are left at the end of “business”, and it is a more effective use of our time.

Also first on the Agenda are representatives of Essex Police and The Office of Police and Crime Commissioner so they can report and then, if they have other commitments, can leave. I hope they will be able to regularly attend our meetings in the months ahead.

In my first year special thanks to:

Mike Hooper. Our Treasurer who has had a busy year and has been excellent in managing the accounts.

Peter Salmon Vice Chairman: He has worked tirelessly in registering ECNWA as a Charity, and I am delighted to say that due to his excellent efforts we are very close on being a registered Charity.

He has attended various meetings throughout Essex and representing ECNWA at Crimestoppers meetings.

Roger Passfield Vice Chairman: He volunteered to be our County Co-ordinator, represented us at Regional NW Partnership meetings and also agreed to be on the Board of the Community Agents Essex. He also has the responsibility of many of our bulk purchases

Sally-Ann Judd (Minute Secretary) she has been excellent in taking the minutes and they are on our Essex County NW website. Her time is appreciated as it must be a busy time at Essex Police.

Peter Fisk For all his excellent work re County Website which I hope that each District will make more effort to update their information.

ESSEX POLICE: We all have had many face to face meetings with Essex Police since May 2015.

This included attending Tasking meetings and planning of “Active Citizens” operations.

At the beginning of my first year as Chairman I did request that all Districts Co-ordinators should and they did have regular meetings with their Essex Police District Commanders and Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

Essex Police have had their funding drastically cut and have had to change their ways of operating to keep within their new budgets. Also in recent months Essex Police’s priorities have been based on challenging and variable demands so we must support them in whatever way we can.

Since my election in 2015, I, as Chairman, have had more one to one meetings with Senior Police Officers, including ACC Mrs Wortley and ACC Mr. Mason, than the previous two Chairmen of ECNWA had in total over the past ten years. At all these meetings Essex Police knew that we are keen to do whatever we can, with whatever time we have, to work more effectively with them to reduce the opportunity of crime.

ESSEX COMMUNITY MESSAGING: At times this has been a little difficult for some of us to acknowledge any benefits but with Jeff Appleby now on board and the training of many NW members will make it more successful.

MY VISION FOR 2016/2017

My theme for Essex County Neighbourhood Watch for 2016/2017 should be “Better Communication is the Key”.

We must continue to send messages in whatever form to the community to reduce the opportunity of crime.

So using all media not only ECM, but also by email, websites, texts, and phones and also the old fashion way “talking” face to face.

Finally we must always continue to recognise those in the community who want a “piece of paper” and do not choose or are unable to have access to computers/broadband - it is Neighbourhood Watches responsibility to ensure they are never forgotten.

 Clive Stewart, Chairman, Essex County NW Association, 27th July 2016.

In addition to electing Clive Steward and other officers, the meeting also contained the Member of the Year Awards and presentations by ACC Mason and Roger Hirst, PCC.

About 50 members attended and around the room were displays by other organisations with whom we work plus a table with samples of the many security aids such as alarms, markers and locks that we recommend.



Click here for details of the 2015/6 awards.


Essex Community Messaging (ECM) is a brand new system that will enable everyone in our county to receive and share the very latest information about crime and community safety in their local area.
Specially designed for Essex, and jointly funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and money seized from criminals under the Proceeds Of Crime Act, ECM will be available free of charge to everyone who lives or works in our county.  It will be formally launched on October 1, 2014.

Everyone who registers for ECM will receive accurate and up-to-date information, crime prevention advice and notifications from Essex Police officers, Essex Watch liaison officers and other key partners, such as Neighbourhood Watch, about crime and community safety issues in their local area.
Users will be able to select the information they want to receive, including issues they may have a particular interest in such as scams, internet crime or rural crime.  They will also be able to choose whether to receive this information via email, text or voice message.

Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said:
“Essex Community Messaging will get key crime and crime prevention information out to communities faster than ever before.  It will also improve the two-way flow of information about community safety between Essex Police, Neighbourhood and other Watch groups, and the people of Essex.
“We need to help communities join Essex Police in the fight against crime. Whether it’s through reporting suspicious behaviour or knowing simple measures to take to prevent crime, ECM will provide a crucial new channel for keeping our communities safe.  I urge everyone to register now for ECM.”

Chief Supt Luke Collison, ECM project lead:
“I’m convinced that Essex Community Messaging will significantly enhance the quality of communication between Essex Police, key partners and the communities that we serve.  I look forward to seeing ECM grow and develop over the coming months, as more and more people who live or work in our county sign up.”
Alan Johnson, Chair of the Essex County Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: “We’re delighted that we now have a brand new messaging system, and look forward to improving our ability to help Essex Police reduce the level of crime across our county.”

Whether it’s alerting a community to a specific developing crime trend in their area, involving local people in the search for a vulnerable missing person, or encouraging the reporting of suspicious behaviour, ECM will transform the speed and effectiveness of communication across Essex.

You can register for Essex Community Messaging here:



A Message from the  Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex

In his presentation to our 2016 Annual Meeting, Roger Hirst emphasised that with only minor additions,his priotities are those in his election address, where he wrote:

For me, safe and secure communities are the bedrock on which we build success and prosperity.

My priorities for policing in Essex are aimed at mending the damaged elements of our society by:

  1. Being tough on Anti-Social Behaviour;
  2. Reversing the worrying increase in serious violence;
  3. Having a zero tolerance of domestic violence;
  4. Eradicating organised crime and people-trafficking;
  5. Making our Police more local, visible and accessible.
  6. (At the Meeting Roger Hirst also added that a lot of people are worried about bad driving and this is quite right as bad driving kills more people in Essex than all other forms of crime put together. He also put Victim Support as a separate item to no.5 above as this is commissioned separately)

I understand that Essex Police and Crime Commissioner is a challenging role, and public safety is important to all Essex’s residents. The government has undertaken to protect police budgets for the rest of this parliament, but the Police Service will still need to modernise: to be local and accessible, and use new technologies and media to be more open and efficient. Where this has been done elsewhere we know they spend a fifth more of their time out on patrol. And to make sure policing is local, I aim to put a Special Constable in every community.



Neighbourhood Watch is a national movement with nearly 4.0 million members, where people come together to make their communities safer and stronger and encourage people to look out for each other.

It involves working with Essex Police, other members of the Community Safety Partnerships in each local authority, voluntary organisations and, most importantly, with people who want to make their neighbourhoods better places to live.

It aims to help people to protect themselves and their properties, to reduce crime and the fear of crime, and to reduce incidences of fire and environmental damage. We do this by taking preventative measures, by improving home security and safety awareness, by greater vigilance and by the timely and accurate reporting of incidents. We also aim to foster a community spirit with our neighbours.

Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association represents the members and participants in the County of Essex and the unitary authorities in Southend and Thurrock. The Association provides support and a range of services to help in these matters. To achieve this we work with our partners in leading, directing, planning and supporting the future development of Neighbourhood Watch in Essex.

The site now includes a crime report page of crime incidents that have occurred in each district